SPARC Staffing can help you fill your needs on a temporary or permanent basis at a cost savings to you.  We will recruit, train, and provide background and reference checks in order to find the best fit your open positions.  We want to support you in keeping your “eye on the prize” by co-managing staff, brokering conflict, and supporting staff in professional development.

Time Savings

Recruiters will screen and filter for quality employees who will add value to your company.

Competitive Pricing

We guarantee to negotiate a price point that will make it more cost effective to work through us.

Cost Savings

We take care of taxes (Medicare, OASDI, FUTA, SUTA), recruiting and screening costs, background checks, and other costly hassles.

Conflict Brokerage

If our employee is not a good fit for your organization, then we handle the sensitive issue of releasing them from the position.

Culture Strategies

We ensure that our employees are positive, solution-based people that will add value to your culture. Negative employees damage companies.

Extended Interview

By working through us, you get a chance to watch that employee in action, during the probation period, without commitment. If you really like that employee, and you want them to come on permanently, then we will work that out case-by-case.