Values of SPARC

Direct Communication
We provide education and support in order to keep people out of institutional care. We collaborate with local law enforcement, the Attorney General's office, Departments of Health and Human Services, schools, mental health and substance abuse providers and local non-profits in order to create a safer community and healthier families. Through evidence-based models and proven strategies, we seek to fill gaps in the community where the underserved often fall through. Our comprehensive strategies address all areas of an individual’s life, such as work, home, spirituality and relationships. We are passionate about meeting the needs of the community using innovative ideas to overcome traditional problems. 

Interested in Working at SPARC?

The leadership of SPARC is equally passionate about providing a positive working culture that is supportive to staff, void of negativity, focused on solutions. Our eight values are the backbone of how we function together. Our team environment ensures support and accountability which promotes quality outcomes and individual professional development. By utilizing consensus decision making, we engage all staff in agency decisions. This culture promotes individual and team achievement, allows for the recruitment of high quality staff and reduces staff turnover. We prefer to promote from within to reward high values staff and build a culture that walks its talk. The community we serve is diverse in race, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, income. And we believe that diversity is the balance in groups that offers varying perspectives to build comprehensive and successful ideas. Therefore, we desire to hire a workforce that is diverse and passionate and ready to roll up their sleeves on behalf of our community.