SPARC Expands Family Centered Treatment Recovery (FCTR) in WNC

The SPARC Foundation Earns Multi-Year Funding to Expand Innovative Program Serving Families in Crisis

Federal agency commits $2 million for Family Centered Treatment Recovery

(August 10, 2021, Asheville, NC) – The SPARC Foundation was recently awarded $2 million by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to expand their Family Centered Treatment Recovery (FCT-R) program in Western North Carolina. SPARC clinicians, in partnership with Henderson County Department of Social Services, initiated the program after recognizing an increasing need for recovery services for families where children had been removed from the home or were at risk of being placed in foster care. Following a successful three- year pilot program supported by The Duke Endowment, SAMHSA will fund FCT-R for the next five years.

Family Centered Treatment Recovery layers the evidence based, in-home treatment model of Family Centered Treatment®, with sobriety support and interventions when there is substance misuse by a parent. SPARC Foundation’s Executive Director, Jackie Latek said, “Failure to address the underlying, progressive disease of addiction in families has contributed to generational cycles of dysfunction, trauma and displacement for children. Our mission at SPARC is to keep people out of institutional care. We not only believe a home-based model for recovery and healing is possible, we now have years of data informing our work and commitment to families.”

“Through hard work, collaboration and creativity, The SPARC Foundation successfully propelled a small pilot to a massive opportunity for current and future families in Western North Carolina and beyond. The Family Centered Treatment Foundation is excited for the continued partnership with SPARC, stakeholders and funders to further develop and ultimately disseminate the Family Centered Treatment-Recovery program. FCTR harnesses the power of the family to overcome the complex interplay of trauma, family systems issues and substance use with interventions rooted in best practices and designed to offer practical, simple solutions to complex needs,” said FCT Implementation Director, Jon McDuffie.

With over 30 years of experience, SPARC’s Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist, Carrie Menke will continue to consult on the expanding program. Menke says, “The unique in-home model of Family Centered Treatment, combined with addressing the individual and family-system impacts of addiction, can prevent future traumas. Recovery work takes time. This new funding ensures that this effective program will be available for local families ready to commit to the work of healing.”

About SPARC Foundation: Headquartered in Asheville, NC, SPARC ignites connections to education, employment and mentorship to strengthen the well-being and personal freedom of people and families in need.
About Family Centered Treatment Foundation:  Family Centered Treatment Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping families together and children safe at home.