SPARC’s New Logo – Meet Designer Tony Delia


Throughout his 25-year career as an award-winning Creative Director and Designer, Tony has established breakthrough brand identities and strategically-focused creative campaigns —from health and wellness to packaged goods, entertainment, and construction. As a former agency creative at multiple New York shops, Tony is committed to delivering full-service support at the highest standards for quality, efficiency, and design. A proud New Jersey native, he now enjoys the Asheville lifestyle which includes food, music, running and yoga.  – FROM ASHEVILLE MAGNET GROUP

After getting to know The SPARC Foundation, what did you have in mind when designing our new logo?

     The concept of the new SPARC logo was about empowerment and moving forward in life. The figure is in an open and elated pose to depict both the personal empowerment, as well as the acceptance of their life moving forward. The rays behind the figure strengthen that concept and continue to show that bright future, whatever that may be for each individual. The color palette: the blues represent stability and symbolize trust, confidence, intelligence and truth. The yellow represents energy, optimism and intellect and enhances the visceral “spark” in SPARC.

Why did you choose to gift your services to SPARC? (besides our Board Member Tracey Novak being awesome and mighty convincing!)  Yes, Tracey is amazing! And a great friend, so I was happy to be a part of something she was so passionate about.
     But also, I am in this stage of my life where fulfillment and contribution are paramount. I really believe in what you are doing at SPARC…the purpose, the passion and the outcomes. I truly want to be giving my talent and passion in what I do to help organizations like yours who are there to make a difference in future lives.

What would you like to SPARC more of in the world?

     In a word…positivity. I believe a positive outlook and intention everyday can manifest the best version of ourselves and our lives. Even though it’s not always easy to do all the time, we can surround ourselves with inspirational, positive and empowering influences (people, podcasts, books, quotes, music, health) that help keep us on track. I do have a secondary business (Revo Niche) that creates positive and inspirational apparel so people can basically wear their intentions and share their positivity. Each shirt has a unique image reinforcing an inspirational quote. So, I have essentially created a brand around how I live.