About Us

Since 2015, The SPARC Foundation has provided education and support designed to keep people out of institutional care. Our team of mental health, peer support, social work, community health, and communication professionals collaborate with those we serve to create safer communities and healthier families. Through evidence-based models and proven strategies, we work to break down barriers and fill gaps in systems where those who have been historically underserved often fall through. Our comprehensive and equitable strategies address all areas of an individual’s life – including work, home, spirituality and relationships. 


SPARC ignites connections to education, employment, and mentorship to strengthen the well-being and personal freedom of people and families in need. 


The core values of the SPARC Foundation are: Authenticity, Balance, Collaboration, Courage, Direct Communication, Equity, Humor and Innovation 

Hear from SPARC’s Leadership Team members what these values mean to them.


For those we serve and for the professionals who make up our staff, SPARC offers a culture of inclusion, opportunities, and belonging. 

Board Members

Tami Ruckman

Board Member

Brent Bailey

Board Member

Dustin Dow

Board Member

Lance Crawford

Board Chair

Lissa Brown

Board Member / Fundraising Committee Member

Keynon Lake

Board Member

Marlo Smith

Board Secretary

Veronica Edwards

Board Treasurer / Fundraising Committee Member

Meet The Team

Our team members are the heart and soul of the SPARC Foundation

Carrie Menke, LCAS

Family Centered Recovery Clinician

Al Green "Knowledge"

Violence Prevention / Community Health Worker

Yashika Smith

Group Facilitator

Mia Pini

Visitation Specialist

Angela Fuller

Domestic Violence Intervention Program Facilitator

Demetria Davis-Royal

Visitation Specialist

Lakia Whiteside

Visitation Specialist

Jackie Latek

Executive Director

Karl Pierre-Louis

People & Culture Coordinator

Missie Parran

Certified Peer Support Specialist

RJ Poore

Community Connector

Holly Luther

Visitation Specialist

Daniel Cortese

Family Centered Treatment Clinician

Jeff Whisenant

Family Centered Treatment Clinician

Nancy Farmer

Office Manager

Tracey McCrain

Operations Director

Felicia Glover

Neutral Facilitator

Agape Powell

Family Centered Treatment Clinician

Benjamin Gifford


Debbie Spencer

Visitation Specialist

Jessica Campbell

Family Centered Treatment Team Supervisor

Natasha Charles

Family Centered Treatment Recovery Supervisor

Amethyst Caruso

Family Visitation Coach Team Supervisor

Taylor Young

Visitation Specialist

Walter Bradley III

Violence Prevention / Community Health Worker

Joe Mohrmann

Neutral Facilitator

Wendy Brooks

Community Health Worker / Violence Prevention Professional

Pamela Wright


Tiffany Bell, LCMHC

Domestic Violence Intervention Program Director

Tony Shivers

Case Manager & Life Skills Facilitator