Domestic Violence Services
 SPARC offers innovative and effective abuser treatment programs. The programs re-educate offenders and help them develop new methods of interacting with intimate partners and family members. Domestic violence affects people of all ages, and across all racial, cultural and socio-economic spectrums of society.
Keeping Families Together
SPARC is committed to programs which keep children out of institutional care. Using Family Centered Treatment, a therapeutic model delivered in the home, SPARC keeps the focus on keeping or returning children to their homes and families.
Family Visitation and Parent Coaching
 SPARC's highest priority is the safety of children. Our visitation program offers professional staff to observe court-ordered visitation between parents and their children in foster care. In order to assist families in reunification, SPARC’s Visitation Coaches provide support ranging from parenting tips to transportation.
Prison Prevention
SPARC is increasing community safety through sustainable employment, secure housing and recovery support for our  previously incarcerated clients. Read Olivia's story to learn more.
Food Markets
SPARC keeps neighborhoods healthy. The USDA has identified six geographical areas within Buncombe County that are deemed food deserts. Residents who live in food deserts have limited options to obtain affordable, nutritious food. SPARC coordinates food delivery to 9 sites near low income communities.