Family Visitation + Parent Coaching

We support family reunification through our Family Visitation and Parent Coaching program. SPARC offers professional staff to observe court-ordered visitation between parents and children in foster care. SPARC also has Visitation Coaches for parents in need of guidance and support with parenting skills. 

SPARC coaches offer support utilizing the Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) curriculum which informs parents how to positively respond to behavior challenges. Coaches guide parents in these parenting skills while remaining trauma-informed and strengths-based. Coaches help parents identify their parenting strengths and challenges. Through hands-on teaching, parents are better prepared to have their children return to their home. 

Members of SPARC’s Family Visitation and Parent Coaching Team

SPARC coaches are available to transport children and/or parents to/from visits in order to reduce transportation barriers. Visits may occur in SPARC’s Reed Family Visitation Room,  Buncombe County’s  newly remodeled Grace Center, or out in the community as determined by the Social Worker. Community visits allow families to experience each other in a more natural environment. And in doing so, allows parents the opportunity to engage their children differently and practice additional skills. 

Families often have scheduling challenges that require visits to occur outside the typical 9-5, M-F workday. SPARC coaches will develop schedules with families that work for them in accordance with their court order.